Coaches Code of Conduct

Joliet Youth Athletic Association
Titans Football
Coaches Code of Conduct

1. To teach and instruct players in strict adherence to the objective in Article 1 of the Joliet Youth Athletic Association by laws.

Objective: To promote and instill self-confidence, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical and mental development while learning the techniques of football and cheerleading.

2. To attend practices and games on time or make provisions to have suitable replacement personnel attending in your place.

3. To always remember that you are instructing young athletes and your instruction must be geared for youth in regards to language and physical instruction.

4. To teach the game of football in a tough intense manner, without instructing purposeful injuring or “loop holing” rules of play.

5. To adhere to the laws of the Joliet School District in regards to traffic, field usage, alcohol/tobacco usage.This also applies to other Parks and Facilities that we visit while on the road.

6. To always try to be a positive influence on those we instruct and make their time in our program a fun and enjoyable experience.

7. It shall be a goal of this organization to attempt to have each participant play in every game.