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The Joliet Titans youth tackle football program has been providing a quality football and cheerleading program since 2000 in the Joliet community.

The Joliet Titans are a heads up certified football program whose purpose is to teach and promote fundamental football, responsibility, accountability, teamwork, and academics.

We are now members of the BIG 10 United Youth Football and Cheer. BIG 10 United was created to establish a youth organization based on the goals of creating better young men and women, as well as providing an athletic outlet through football and cheer, with the goal of putting all our participants on the road to achieving a college education. BIG 10 United stresses the importance of family, education, and teamwork. The BIG 10 United program is part of the UYFL. United Youth Football's mission is to provide a safe and structured environment which enables all young people to benefit from participation in team sports and youth activities offered by UYFL. UYFL will stress the importance of family, education, and teamwork. UYFL will assist parents and educators in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being by espousing the virtues of the 5 core values, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, and Leadership.

The United YFL program is designed to develop superior students and citizens, as well as athletes. The UYFL organization has established its rules and operational procedures to ensure that every child who wishes to participate, regardless of size, financial means, race, creed or national origin, is included in a safe and fair environment where their best interests and education are put first. All rules will be applied firmly without compromising our core values. This will be achieved by drawing on the experience and wisdom of a National Scholastic Advisory Council and National Board of Governors. The National Scholastic Advisory Council will be comprised of educational leaders who will oversee programs created to foster academic success for all participants. The National Board of Governors will be comprised of leaders from all major conferences who will uphold the integrity of the organization they represent and “UNITE” all of youth football.

2022 Game Schedule - Coming Soon!
Date Location Opponent Mighty Mites Widgets PeeWee JV Varsity
Game times are approximate. Games will be played consecutively and may begin earlier or later than indicated. Times and dates are subject to change and you will be notified by your coach if a change occurs. Additional practice games may be added. Playoffs are not listed yet as well.

Football Players

  • Spring Session

Pricing: $300

  • Fall Session:

Pricing: $175


Cheer & Tumbling

  • Fall Session:

Pricing: $250

Ages & Weights

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